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Monday, June 27, 2011


4.4 Million Population of 1916 Ireland (32 Counties)
200,000 Irishmen Serving in The British Army 1916
35,000 Irishmen K.I.A. in World War One
14,000 Irish Volunteers
1467 Rebels In Action Easter Week
5 Number of Irish rebels killed on Thursday April 27th 1916
538 Irishmen killed at Hulloch by a German gas attack on Thursday April 27th 1916
25,000 British Troops on the streets of Dublin by weeks end.
3500 Arrests
1800 Interned in the U.K.
90 Sentenced to Death
1 Woman Sentenced to Death
7 Signatories on the Proclamation
15 Executions
64 Rebel Killed in Action
132 British Army & Police Killed
260 Civilians Killed
2,500 Wounded
683767 Irish entitled to vote in December 1910 General Election
120700 Voted - just 20%
275 Buildings Completely Destroyed in the Centre of Dublin City
20,000 Rifles on Scuttled on board The Aud
1,000,000 Rounds of Ammunition
10 Machine Guns on Scuttled on board The Aud
0 Machine Guns landed with British reinforcements
22 German Prisoners of War
123.45 hours The Duration of the Irish Republic
1666 Acres the maximum size of Pearse's Irish Republic
2431 1916 Medals issued by the Irish Government
200,000 Annual Visitors to Kilmainham Jail
1997 Last survivor of the Easter Rising Lily Kempson passed away
2,411 days from the 1916 Surrender to creation of the Irish Free State after the War of Independence
15 Euro the cost of the 1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour
90 Minutes the duration of the Easter Rising Coach Tour

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It is said that an Irish tradition is when a committee is formed the first business on the agenda is to form a split and so it happened with the Irish Volunteers formed in November 1913. By September 1914 the organisation had split. Of the nearly 200,000 members 175,000 followed Home Rule advocate John Redmond who urged support for Britain's fight in the First World War and adopted the name the National Volunteers. Meanwhile the remaining 15,000 stayed with the Irish Volunteers who were more committed to dismantling British control in Ireland by force. When it came to Easter Monday less than 1500 of the 15,000 turned out for the fight. By the end of Easter Week and the surrender of the leaders such as Pearse and Connolly, the British Authorities had drafted in almost 50,000 troops into the country with 20,000 on the streets of Dublin.

Friday, June 17, 2011


1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour
RELIVE IRISH HISTORY IN 90 MINUTES. An audio visual guided tour of the battle sites of the Easter Rising. Meet the personalities who lit the flame of Irish Independence, the brave volunteers massively outnumbered and out gunned but who had bravery and destiny on their side. Be educated and entertained and enjoy a sightseeing tour like no other in Dublin City. The Tour departs from the Custom House (beside Liberty Hall) on Friday 3p.m., Saturday Noon & 3pm, Sunday Noon & 3pm Tickets €15.

1916 Éirí Amach na Cásca Chóiste Turas
Relive STAIR NAhÉIREANN I 90 NÓIMÉAD. An turas treoraithe amhairc fuaime ar an suíomh cath Éirí Amach na Cásca. Téigh in aithne ar phearsantachtaí a lit an lasairna Saoirse na hÉireann, outnumbered na hoibrithe deonacha cróga massively agusamach gunned ach a raibh crógacht agus a gcinniúint ar a thaobh. Oideachas a fháilagus siamsaíocht agus turas fámaireachta mhaith ar bith eile i gCathair Bhaile Átha Cliath taitneamh a bhaint as. Fágann an Turas ó Theach an Chustaim (in aice le Halla na Saoirse) ar an Aoine 15:00, Dé Sathairn Nóin & 15:00, Dé Domhnaigh Nóin & 15:00. Ticéid € 15.

1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour
Revivez l'histoire irlandaise en 90 minutes. Un tour visuel audio guidée des sitesbataille de l'Insurrection de Pâques. Rencontrez les personnalités qui a allumé la flamme de l'indépendance Irlandaise, les volontaires courageux massivement plus nombreux et hors abattu, mais qui avait la bravoure et le destin de leur côté. Être éduqués et de se divertir et profiter d'une visite guidée pas comme les autres dans laville de Dublin. Le Tour s'écarte de la Custom House (à côté de Liberty Hall) le Vendredi 15 heures, Samedi midi et 15 heures, Dimanche midi et 15 heures. Billets 15 €.

1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour
Durchleben sie in 90 Minuten irische Geschichte auf einer audio-visuellen Führung über die Schlachtfelder des Osteraufstandes von 1916. Begegnen Sie den Persönlichkeiten, die damals die Flamme der irischen Unabhängigkeit entzündeten, die tapferen aber zahlenmäßig und militärisch hoffnungslos unterlegenen "Volunteers", die sich einzig und allein auf Tapferkeit und die Vorsehung verlassen konnten. Erfahren sie Neues und lassen Sie sich unterhalten auf einer Stadtführung, wie es in Dublin keine zweite gibt.
Die Tour beginnt am Custom House (neben Liberty Hall), am Freitag um 15 Uhr, am Samstag um 12 und 15 Uhr, sowie am Sonntag ebenfalls um 12 und 15 Uhr. Tickets kosten €15.

1916 Alzamiento de Pascua Coach Tour
Revive la historia irlandesa en 90 minutos. Un recorrido visual de audio guía a los lugares de batalla de la Rebelión de Pascua. Conoce a las personalidades queencendió la llama de la independencia irlandesa, los valientes voluntariosmasivamente superados en número y asesinado a cabo, pero que tenía la valentía y el destino de su lado. Ser educado y divertido y disfrutar de un recorrido turísticocomo ningún otro en la ciudad de Dublín. El tour parte de la Aduana (junto a Liberty Hall) el viernes 15:00, sábado mediodía y 15:00, domingo al mediodía y 15:00. Entradas 15 €.

1916 Påskupproret Busstur
Återupplev irländsk historia på 90 minuter. En audiovisuell visning av slaget platser ipåskupproret. Möt personligheter som tände lågan av irländsk självständighet, fler ände modiga frivilliga massivt och ut sköt, men som hade mod och öde på sin sida. Varutbildad och underhållning och njuta av en sightseeingtur som ingen annan i DublinCity. Turen avgår från Custom House (bredvid Liberty Hall) på fredag 15:00, lördagNoon & 15:00, söndag Noon & 15:00. Biljetter € 15.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One of the by products of Easter Rising was a refugee crisis at Mullingar Railway Station. With the cancellation of train services into the city or trains commandeered by the Military, hundreds were stranded at Mullingar station. The hotel beds in the town filled quickly and the numbers on the platform began to steadily increase. Included were a number of honeymoon couples making their way to Dublin or Dublin Port. The local clergy did their best to provide food and blankets for the stranded.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The magnitude of the battle the rebels faced can be judged by the numbers. In Dublin 1467 rebels took on the British Crown Forces who by Saturday, the day of the surrender had just a couple hundred short of 12,000 troops in Dublin. The rebels did not have machine guns or artillery while the British not only had both but Naval fire power from HMY Helga and HMS Glouster and were able to secure Skerries with a sea bourne landing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


HMY Helga's two 12pounder guns pounded the city of Dublin during the Easter Rising. Originally built in Dublin she sailed up the Liffey and shelled the area around Boland's Mill before moving onto Liberty Hall and the city centre. After the rising she was used in submarine detection and involved in the rescue of nearly 100 passengers from HMS Leinster which had been torpedoed by a U Boat. In 1923 she became one of the first vessels in the Irish Free State Navy and renamed The Muirchu, She sank off the Saltee Islands in 1947.